Main Meals

Our delicious, fresh main meals


Spicy Thai curry specially prepared to your liking.

Red Curry

Thai red curry, bamboo shoot,paprika,carrot, coconut milk with selected meat.

(Curry rojo tailandes,brote de bamboo,pimienton, zanahoria y leche de coco con carne seleccionada).

With Chicken, Pork or extra vegetables (Pollo, cerdo o extra Veg
8.50 €
With Prawns (Gambas)
9.80 €

Red Curry Roasted Duck

Thai red curry with roasted duck ,pine apple, cherry tomato lychee(Thai fruit) paprika ,coconut milk and sweet basil.

(Curry rojo tailandes con Pato asado,piña,cherry tomate ,lychee (fruta thailandesa) pimienton ,Leche de coco y albahaca dulce ).

12.80 €

Green Curry

Thai green curry with selected meat and paprika,zucchini, beans,carrot ,coconut milk and sweet basil.
(Curry verde tailandes con carne selectionada, pimienton,calabacin,habichuela,leche de coco y albahaca dulce).

With Chicken, Pork or extra vegetables (Pollo, cerdo o extra Veg
8.50 €
With Prawns (Gambas)
9.80 €

Massaman Chicken

Thai massaman curry with roasted chicken leg, potato and onion
(Tailandesa mussaman al curry y muslo de pollo asado , patatas y cebollas).

9.50 €

Massaman Lamb

Thai massaman curry with roasted lamb, potato and onion
(Tailandesa massaman al curry y cordero asado,patatas y cebollas).

13.80 €

Curry Pa-nang

Thai Panang curry with selected meat, sweet chili and lime leaves.
(Tailandesa Panang curry con carne selectionada , chile dulce y las hojas de lima).

Chicken, Pork or vegetables (Pollo, Cerdo o vegetales)
8.50 €
Prawns (Gambas)
9.80 €

Tom Yum Sea food

Thai spicy sour soup with Prawns, Squid, mussel, lemongrass, kefir lime leaves and galangal.
(Tailandesa amarga sopa picante con gambas, calamares,mejillones, hierba de limon, hojas de lima y galangal).

13.90 €

Noodles (Fideos)

Pad Thai

Thai Noodles with sweet tamarind sauce with selected meat, bean sprouts, spring onions, eggs, and crushed peanuts,lime and chili by side.
(Fideos Tailandeses ,con salsa tamarindo y carne selectionada ,brotes de soja,cebolletas,huevos con cacahuetes molidos , lima y chile al lado).

Chicken, pork or veg (Pollo, Cerdo o verduras)
8.90 €
Prawns (Gambas)
11.20 €

Pad Kee Mao

Thai Noodles with selected meat, onion , garlic,paprika, chili and sweet basil.
(Fideos Tailandeses carne selectionada con ajo,cebolla,pimienton,chile y albahaca dulce).

Chicken, pork or extra veg (Pollo,cerdo o vegetales)
8.90 €
Prawns (Gambas)
11.20 €

Pad See Eiw

Thai Noodles with selected meat,broccoli carrot,cabbage and egg with soja sauce.
(Fideos Tailandeses con care selectionada, brocoli,Zanahoria,col con salsa soja).

Chicken,Pork or vegetables (Pollo, Cerdo o Vegetales)
8.90 €
Prawns (Gambas)
11.20 €

Yam woonsen SeaFood

Vemicelli noodle salad with Seafood
(Ensalada de fideos de soja con mariscos).

12.50 €

Stir Fried

Pad Kraphaow

Stir fried selected meat with sweet basil, onion, garlic and chili..
(Revuelva la carne seleccionada frito con albahaca y chile).

Chicken, Pork or extra vegetables (Pollo,Cerdo o extra vegetales
8.50 €
Seafood (Mariscos)
12.20 €
Prawns (Gambas)
9.80 €

Kai Pad Med Ma muang (Stir fried chicken with cashew nut)

Stir fried Crispy chicken with cashew nuts.
(Revuelva el pollo frito con anacardos).

Crispy Chicken, onion, paprika, cashew nuts stir fried in oyster sauce

Pollo,cebolla,paprika,anacardos en salsa de ostras).

8.50 €

Pad Preaw wan

Deep fried chicken with sweet sour sauce, tomato carrot, cucumber, fresh pine apple, onion and paprika.
(Pollo frito con salsa agridulce, zanahoria, tomate, pepino, piña fresca, cebolla y pimenton).

11.80 €

Stir fried mixed vegetable

easonal vegetables stir fried with garlic and oyster sauce.
(Verduras de temporada fritos con ajo y salsa de ostras).

8.50 €
Extra chicken or pork
9.80 €
12.20 €


Choo Chee Pla

Crispy fish Fillet (Tilapia boneless) with mild red curry sauce
(Filete de Pescado Crujiente con salsa de curry rojo suave).

11.80 €

Pla preaw wan

Crispy fish Fillet(Tilapia boneless) with stir fried vegetables sweet and sour sauce
(Filete de Pescado Crujiente con salsa chili dulce).

11.20 €

YIM SIAM Crispy fish (+- 500gr )

Fresh whole Fish (Bone in) with special Yim Siam Style sauce
(Pescado fresco entero con salsa especial estilo Yim Siam).

16.50 €


Steamed Jasmine rice

(Arroz jazmin al vapor).

1.80 €

Sticky rice

(Arroz pegajoso).

2.80 €

Fried Rice with Egg & Vegetables

(Arroz frito con huevo y Vegetales).

Arroz frito con huevo y Vegetales
2.90 €
Chicken, Pork or vegetables (Pollo, Cerdo o vegetales)
4.90 €
Prawns (Gambas)
7.90 €

Fried rice with green curry chicken,pork,prawns or vegetables

(Arroz frito con curry verde pollo,cerdo,gambas o vegetales).

Chicken, Pork, Vegetables (Pollo, Cerdo o vegetales)
5.80 €
Prawns (Gambas)
8.80 €

Fried rice Pineapple with selected meat or vegetarian.

Fried rice with fresh pineapple raisin cashew nut and vegetable
(Arroz frito con fresco piña,pasa,anacardo y verduras).

hicken, Pork or vegetable (Pollo, Cerdo o Vegetals)
6.50 €
Prawns (Gambas)
9.50 €

Noodle and Soy Sauce

(Fideos y salsa de soja).

2.80 €

French fries

(papas fritas).

2.50 €